Socratic questions revisited [infographic]

Infographic illustrating the 6 types of Socratic Question to stimulate critical thinking

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post examining Socratic Questions. Socratic Questions are a method of pull influencing that can be used to stimulate critical thinking. To help make the question types easier to understand and remember for use in practice, I have gone back and created an infographic illustrating the 6 types of questions.

The infographic is shown below (click on the infographic for the full size version).

Infographic illustrating the 6 types of Socratic Question

Please share any experiences in the comments below, or if there are particular types of questions you find useful to aid critical thinking that are not included.


R. W. Paul, L. Elder: The Thinkers Guide to The Art of Socratic Questioning, 2007

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